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My native language is Spanish, English is a language I've been learning at school and on my own ever since I was little, so excuse me if I make any mistakes.

I'm renewing my carrd and I'm trying to change the eyestrain with something new!

My biggest interests right now are Danganronpa and Mystic Messenger! I'll mainly post about DR, but I'll talk a lot about Yoosung since he's literally everything to me ^^ Sorry if I ever start talking too much about him, I promise I'm not trying to annoy you. I'd absolutely love it if you showed me anything related to him btw!


Comforts in bold:

Other games I enjoy:
Your Turn To Die, Genshin Impact, VRchat, Identity V, Yandere Simulator, Minecraft, Sims 4
(Add me on any of those if you want! I'm playing on the European server on Genshin tho)

Melanie Martinez, Mitski, Nastyona, MASA Works Design, MSI, Jazmin Bean, Cigarettes After Sex, classical music in general (especially those with piano and/or harp)

Jay (Kubz Scouts)

Other interests/hobbies:
Drawing, cosplaying, editing, mystery/thriller media

If you read this, add "🌕" to your pass!!

I am Shuichi, both pregame and ingame.

That's my identity and ps. I don't consider it to be a kin, so please don't call it that, or separate it from me at all. It's not a DA either, as far as I'm aware.

I have memories of that life, both outside the universe of the killing games and inside of it.

I also have:




Fav characters


(Lists will keep getting updated - last update: 13th/6/2021)



DNI if:

Basic DNI criteria: racism, homophobia, etc.You're younger than 13. 13 is iffy. (Don't say NSFW stuff around me if you're younger than 15)You invalidate spiritual kins, or are gonna invalidate me as Shuichi.You attack any of my fav characters. Please use tone tags if you do it jokingly.You use she/her for Chihiro (they/them ok).You support Lilac, and if you are them fuck off please.You think Rika inc//st jokes are funny.Ask to follow if Yoosung is a romantic interest.


I only tag myself as Shuichi. I usually tag my canonmates as their kins but you can ask for tags too.All tags are appreciated, you don't need to ask to tag me.I lovemail these characters a lot (especially Yoosung obviously).Don't "reality check" me.I can't use noun neopronouns, please give me an aux!Sometimes, it can take me from hours to days to respond, it's nothing personal.I sometimes post stuff to my stories that might imply that I kin a character that isn't listed here, but I don't. My only kins are all listed on this carrd.You should check my "!!" highlight after following me.

If you've made it here, congrats!
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Shuichi Kagehara: Doubles very iffy. I don't block anyone but if that's your highest kin it can make me uncomfy and maybe even disassociate. I'll probably accept your follow request though (friends > kins), just please tell me first. You could also follow me with an account that is not kin related.By the way this comes in phases. Sometimes it makes me feel horrible, and sometimes I don't mind doubles at all, so please ask!

Shuichi Saihara: Doubles ok, just pls warn me first. As long as there isn't any kind of invalidation it's fine.
If you kin/are from Danganronpa or Mystic Messenger please interact!! Especially if you kin/are any of these, as they're comfort characters.


Romantic: 💌
Platonic: 💚
Comfort characters: 💫


Yoosung Kim 💌💫Kaede Akamatsu 💚💫Nagito Komaeda 💚💫Ray (MysMe) 💚💫Korekiyo Shinguji 💚Kokichi Ouma 💚Mikan Tsumiki 💚
I also have a Yoosung lovemail carrd! Feel free to DM me if you wanna see it


(What's a kinsider?)

No kinsiders rn



(What's a hearttype?)
TL;DR: it's like a synpath but stronger

Yoosung Kim - Mystic MessengerMikan Tsumiki - Danganronpa 2Nagito Komaeda - Danganronpa 2Tord - EddsworldKokichi Ouma - Danganronpa V3Yuri - DDLCShin Tsukimi (Sou) - YTTD



IDs - 🍉
High kins - 🍎
Medium kins - 🍍
Low kins - 🍐

Spiritual kin - 🌕
Psychological kin - 🌞
Unsure - 🎃
Coping link - 🌼

Doubles loved - 💜
Doubles fine - 💚
Doubles iffy (ask) - 💛
No doubles - 💔

Annya Volko - 🍉🌕💛Sana Jung - 🍉🎃💚Ayano Aishi - 🍎🌕💚MC (MysMe) - 🍎🌕💜Senpai - 🍍🌞💚Hinata - 🍐🌕💜Ryo Asuka - 🍐🌕💜Monika - 🍐🌞💜Ranmaru Kageyama - 🍐🎃💜Anai - 🍐🌞💜
Ray (MysMe) - 🌼Chae Yul - 🌼

All in order
The pics are in the same order too.

Annya was a really important past life of mine, but she's not that important in my identity in this life.



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For the pass, you can send one of these two things:

A short introduction of yourself (ex: name/kin/DA, pronouns, age range, a fun fact, idk)
Any kind of Yoosung content (pic, vid, etc).



Sole is my Ouma!! Splat's a sweetheart you should follow! Go talk to Sole about splatoon and you'll surely have a new cool friend ^^

Splats insta is irlredsole!!




This is my bro Kiyo! He's a very cool guy and you should definitely follow him because he's epic. I'm glad I got to meet him again!! :D

His insta is theauthentickorekiyo!




Tohru is my Kaede!! I've known them since November and they mean a lot to me!! I can't wait to meet them irl ^^

Their insta is sweetlittlelilypad